• Call Health Memphis

The US Government spent $3.2 Trillion dollars on Healthcare in 2017 and the consumers of those services have no clue what it costs or how it works. Even many people that run the Healthcare system struggle to navigate through the system.
The US government, employers, and industry experts believe the only way to keep Healthcare costs down is to incent the consumer to make better economic choices. So in fact if the member made better choices they could save themselves thousands of dollars. Tetrasoft Team focusing on building a platform to facilitate member and providers for making better decisions to choose the best healthcare management plan.
The CallHealth business concept has the potential to revolutionize the payer space. Its combination of web portal, financial software, user experience, mobile services and most importantly purchasing functionality is unique in the US. Such a comprehensive “e-commerce” site, that puts the consumer in control, has the potential to be as disruptive as Amazon has been to the retail industry.
It’s time to take control of your healthcare with CALLHEALTH!!
By combining the best technology with comprehensive medical history and extensive knowledge of medical specialists. CallHealth is the future Health Care.
Virtual Appointments with qualified doctors and access to certified and trained specialists gives you the healthy need at your time and convenience.
CallHealth gives you control on your healthcare by allowing you to customize your plans to meet your specific needs all from comfort at your home.
Just like a family doctor, CallHealth provides your loved ones virtual and personal access to a physician on a continuing basis.
You entire medical history and health records are maintained electronically by CallHealth and are instantly accessible anytime from anywhere with just a click allowing you to receive superior medical care.
Better relationships.
Better care.
Better experience.
This is the future of health care.
Many senior executives in the industry believe that the Health Care Industry must change or it will become a federal government run single payer system. we believe the outcome could even be worse - that nobody will do anything and Healthcare will go from 5% of US GNP in 1970, to 17% in 2017 to 30% in 2030 and the uninsured will go from 35 million in 2010, to 23 million in 2017 to 60 million in 2030.