Effective code review will create consistency and culture of quality code across the project. Accurate code review can make a huge difference in improving software performance. Manual review of code should be last option when trying to achieve efficient and error-free code. This process of review is slow, resource intensive, and not scalable for company growth. Companies that use manual reviews to identify the errors in the code during the dev environment find it to be the most expensive piece of their project development life cycle. In addition, making your code migration process wait for approvals can cost your project timelines and brand reputation.

Our team has built review frameworks that actually make sense for reviewing the code to ensure standard coding practices are followed or not. Once you know what works, you can standardize the reviews by setting rules around existing framework and notify the participants or groups and pull defect reports. This framework will try to increase the code efficiency and make sure that nonstandard code is not promoted to next higher environment.

If the number of manual reviews reduced by 50%, then imagine how much resource efforts could be saved. Automation of code review process can eliminate manual efforts required for code review and maintain high-quality code. Our Code Assessment Tool has certainly helped to reduce or eliminate manual reviews of code and certify that standard code has been moved to higher environment.

Few of the many benefits that our assessment tool has accomplished over the last 4 years.

  • Automated around 180 standards defined by the client team.
  • Reducing the time for a manual review by 90%.
  • Providing logs as proof of review that was performed on the code.