Operating in a world of fierce competition, Banks are seeking ways to increase efficiency by cutting costs, improve their service delivery, fine-tune and automate internal and business critical processes, build and better manage customer relations.

Tetrasoft is at the forefront of driving and managing IT strategies in the financial services industry. We provide a range of consulting and IT services for the world's leading financial service firms including banks and insurance companies. We constantly enrich and share our vision about the role of technology towards shaping future business and technology strategies.

Tetrasoft has developed and implemented technically advanced Core banking solutions with its channel partners in various Public and Private Sector commercial and Co-operative Banks in India and other developing countries. We combine comprehensive and flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture. Our Core banking solutions help banks create new business opportunities, tap the existing ones more efficiently and address the new challenges on the horizon.

Healthcare Industry is undergoing a rapid change focusing on improving the quality of care delivered. The industry is being driven to change as a result of major trends steering healthcare - Regulatory Compliance, Existing mandates, Transformation and modernization of legacy systems, Increasing operational efficiency, and Integrated care management.

Healthcare is a very important industry segment for Tetrasoft. Our healthcare Projects and Solutions deliver quality integrated products using the most advanced technologies. Leveraging our time-tested proven development methodology, we give our customers optimized solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and have a significant impact on profitability.

Tetrasoft combines a thorough understanding of the healthcare marketplace with a better approach to developing incremental cost-justified solutions - aligning them with time-to-market requirements. We provide technology as well as healthcare industry subject matter expertise in all areas of the industry - Healthcare provider, Healthcare insurance industry, Healthcare provider organizations, Healthcare standards compliance and industry best practices.

Tetrasoft has worked on the pressing issues facing the healthcare business line and IT community. From conceiving and realizing complex business systems to providing predictable operating models for mission-critical systems, we cater a wide range of Software development, Business Consulting, Systems Implementation, and Process Management Services to our healthcare clients. Our in-depth experience in complex and creative solutions help our clients to prioritize, plan, and implement specific technology programs.

With technologies evolving every day, Organizations are realizing that the fast-paced, ever-changing digital world presence will permeate into every aspect of their business. But, in order to remain competitive they must respond to the changing technology. Only capitalizing these trends will enable them to perform effectively.

Tetrasoft understands that these are times of extremely rapid change, and therefore conducts market analysis regularly to get an insight into the ever increasing market demands. Knowing market needs provides us with key information that is crucial for product engineering, and helps us build innovative products at lower cost that meet our client's requirement.

Our dedicated team of Product Engineering experts thoroughly understand the nature of client's business and product requirements. They get deeply involved right from the start by understanding our client's business, their target customers, their competitors, and other business drivers and constraints. Our product development services use an iterative development methodology to meet constantly changing requirements, and ensure the timely and quality delivery.

Our product engineering services span across the entire lifecycle of a product right from conceptualization to research, from design & development to software testing, from systems integration to product sustenance and support.