Emerging changes in today’s fast-paced business environment have resulted in enterprises adopting new technologies and new business models to stay ahead of the competition. It is must for organizations to respond to these changes and adopt innovative strategies in order to survive, thrive and compete with the current business market.

Tetrasoft’s consulting services are aimed at helping clients improve their competitiveness and identify opportunities to maximize revenues and streamline operations. We address our client’s business challenges and opportunities through a comprehensive approach. We are committed to maintain confidentiality on all client matters, transparency and ethical business practices.

Tetrasoft's unique approach of integrating people, processes and technology has delivered wide-ranging and value added services earning the admiration of clients.

Tetrasoft offers support to various clients and millions of their customers across the globe. We help our clients in their quest to be the market leaders in their respective industries. Our services are spread across various industries. We strive on excellence in delivery and product development. We have foot- print across different domains to work with all kinds of business applications with the best architecture and well organized design capabilities. Our services and products are more portable, robust and can be easily accessible. Our business experts are aware of changes in the market with regards to customer expectations as well as new trends. We have the best people who work in state of the art technologies. Our focus always remains on maintaining the long term relationship with our clients by providing them with full fledge application support.

These are some of the business application services developed at Tetrasoft to serve payers, coders, providers, hospitals and other healthcare professionals.

Tetrasoft provides diverse technology-oriented advice and implementation to businesses and organizations. With a high level of technology and a wealth of knowledge, we are able to seamlessly integrate our solutions into the day-to-day operations of client companies in order to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

We follow a service-oriented IT consulting approach. Our proficiency coupled with high standards for quality and service provides our clients with a great value.

With technologies evolving every day, Organizations are realizing that the fast-paced, ever-changing digital world presence will permeate into every aspect of their business. But, in order to remain competitive they must respond to the changing technology. Only capitalizing these trends will enable them to perform effectively.

Tetrasoft understands that these are times of extremely rapid change, and therefore conducts market analysis regularly to get an insight into the ever increasing market demands. Knowing market needs provides us with key information that is crucial for product engineering, and helps us build innovative products at lower cost that meet our client's requirement.

Our dedicated team of Product Engineering experts thoroughly understand the nature of client’s business and product requirements. They get deeply involved right from the start by understanding our client's business, their target customers, their competitors, and other business drivers and constraints. Our product development services use an iterative development methodology to meet constantly changing requirements, and ensure the timely and quality delivery.

Our product engineering services span across the entire lifecycle of a product right from conceptualization to research , from design & development to software testing, from systems integration to product sustenance and support.