Employees are the most important part of any company irrespective of its size and type of business they are dealing into. Employee Management plays a very crucial role in a company, as their contribution often decides the value of the business.

Employee Management is the most critical function, which cannot be handled manually. This is where we can help you alleviate, we have designed and developed EMPOWER - A unique and purely functional employee management system for administering, supervising, organizing and managing the information of employees. It captures Employee details, Leaves, Compensation Leaves, Perks, Reimbursements, requests, Issues and attendance, and much more. One can also generate reports for Payroll and others at any required point of time.

EMPOWER is a complete solution for every HR function. It empowers HR and Management personnel meet their corporate objectives and improve company's strategic advantage. It also helps them reduce their operational activity and take strategic decision effectively. It is a multi company, multi location and multi user web based software.

Key Features:

  • Time Tracking: The system records the time spent by each employee on an assigned project and the exact skills used. These records form basis on which appraisal or promotions are considered.
  • Easy Deployment: It can easily be deployed into intranet / internet and VPN environment.
  • Pay-Roll support Management: Provides all the supporting information to generate the pay-roll of all employees.
  • Leave Management: Easier tracking of employee leave status, approval and rejection of leaves applied.
  • Reimbursement: Easier management of Reimbursement for extra working hours, perks etc.
  • Employee Search: Allows to search an employee from inbuilt Employee Database.
  • Stationery Usage: It keeps a track of stationery request of all employees.
  • Report Generation: Generates various reports like Monthly Variance Report, Payroll Register, Monthly Income Tax Work Sheet etc.
  • Users Supported: It is developed to support more than 10,000 users and the count can be extended based on the requirement.
  • Web based Management: It can be accessed from inside and outside the organization. It makes easy to monitor the working of the employees and manage them.


  • Better employee resource management.
  • Quick and easier analysis of Employee Data.
  • User friendly and can be manipulated effortlessly based on the unique needs of your organization.
  • Organized storage of an infinite amount of employee data in a single place.

We are aware that every organization has different employee management issues to be addressed, so we will design and customize our product for you completely as per your needs.