Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a successful project. It includes creation of the projects, assigning resources, quantifying the resources needed, managing the implementation of the project plan, determining budgets and timelines for completion, workload of the resources, monitoring and control of the work, storing project documentation, generating reports etc.

PROMPT makes project management much more effective and efficient. It can be used to create a step-by-step schedule for a project, from inception to completion. It helps you keep track of the assigned tasks to the team members and the resources he or she needs for the job. It also tracks of what has already been accomplished and when.

PROMPT gives you and your team the ability to manage complex projects with utmost convenience. It handles all the day to day activities of Maintenance life cycle Projects and allows to generate required reports when needed. It saves time, energy, and helps you achieve full potential quickly and easily. It helps you save time, money, and be more productive.

PROMPT enables you to manage:

  • Manage Clients and Leads
  • Create Task
  • Assign Task
  • Create Task Time Estimations

  • View Task Time Estimations / Re-estimations
  • Tracking Daily efforts of the resources

    SQA Reviews:
  • View internal reviews conducted
  • View the Compliance Reports
  • Close NC

  • Individual Engagements
  • Team Engagements
  • Task List Report (Team and Employee wise)
  • Metrics & Measurements Report
  • Project Status Report
  • Audit Reports
  • Time Sheets
  • Work Load
  • Current Working Project
  • Reporting Hierarchy
  • Monitor Project Progress
  • Create Charts
  • Manage Resources

    Upload/Download Document Library:
  • Project Level Documents
  • Task Level Documents
  • Templates

    Major Benefits:
  • Remote Access: Access to the system at any time and from anywhere through internet.
  • Document Management: Maintains edited versions of uploaded documents and keeps the old versions for historic reference.
  • Tracking of Tasks and Mile stones: Effortless to track the assigned tasks and perform progress checks on the accomplishments to date.