Samanvay - 2018

It was time for both reviewing their performance in their company and celebrate the journey. The evening marked with cultural programs performed by company employees to entertain their own colleagues, who according to some, is their extended family.

If you see the line up of cultural activities and the perfection with which they were performed, it would make one strongly believe staff of Tetrasoft are good at both computing, IT skills and cultural programs.

The evening started with a classical welcome dance. This was then followed by couple of Western Group Dances, Living Singing by Saurabh, Surya.

A fashion show held with the participation of Ankur, Hema, Sairam, Lavanya, Kiran, Pranayini, Rahul, Durga, Soumya, Bhavana, Rajesh, Showry, Srujana, Smitha, Venkatesh, Samir.

A large team enacted Bhagiratha Dance Drama.

It is commonly belived that techies are tech savvy and don’t get involved much in social causes. It is also widely believed that they don’t follow much of customs, traditions. But, IT associates of Tetrasoft India proved otherwise. They showcased that they too care much mother-nature, customs, and traditions.

A case in point is Bhagiratha Dance Drama, Performed by 27 IT Associates of Tetrasoft India. Many of us know Mission Bhagiratha, because of the massive nature of the project. But, not many know Bhagiratha King, who brought the River Ganges, personified as the river goddess Ganga, to Earth from the heavens. We have used Dance Drama to create awareness aout King Bhagiratha, why Government of Telangana chose this name to brand their prestigious project informed Praveen Gavuji of Tetrasoft India.

Through this play we have highlighted the importance of water, one of the five major elements of the earth. Natural resources are misused somuch so that it has to lead us to buy drinking water. We are forced to drink recycled water instead of fresh water. The 27 staff comprised of 20 Aagoras, 7 Ganga. 1 Bhageeratha of Tetrasoft India showcased the efforts of the Government to provide piped water to 2.32 corre people in 20 lakh households in rural areas of Telangana through this project. The subject is chosen because of the importance attached to the project to create awareness among the people, Praveen stated.

Mission Bhagiratha is safe drinking water for every household in Telangana State, with budget of Rs. 42,853 crores, the biggest project was ever taken up any state so far.

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