Tetra Dream

On the basis of our digital belief framework, we at Tetrasoft created a model “Tetrasoft Digital Ready Execution Approach and Model” (TETRA DREAM). This model consists of strong set of five enablers helping us to differentiate Tetrasoft from competition by constantly enabling the digital talent leading to improved customer experience, enabling E2E digitalization, providing access to new business models and geographies.




Centers of Excellence

Based on our understanding of current digital transformation and related need of enabling our teams on ground, we have created four CoEs:

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cloud Integration and Mobility
  • Intelligent Automation and DevOps
  • Cloud Based Business Platforms

Each CoE is responsible for...

  • Enabling employees with capabilities in respective COE
  • Evaluating and creating subject matter expertise in Process, Tools/Platforms/Software, and best Practices
  • Establishing Industry and Academia connects
  • Help teams on delivery efficiency
  • Building point solutions, POCs and pre-sales efforts


Talent Academy

Adaptability at next level is key to the digital transformation journey. At Tetrasoft, we attach great importance to talent enablement and transformation on an ongoing basis. This is inline with our commitment to continuous learning, talent development and industry alignment. We follow “RAPID” methodology in our Talent Academy. Talent Academy enables all our employees in:

  • Traditional technologies
  • Digital Technologies
  • Domain and Functional Skillsets
  • Behavior Leadership


Digital Ready Delivery Model

In order to align with the changing expectations of ways working, we have created seven interventions which proactively enable our delivery teams to differentiate among competition. We believe this is unique and powerful model helps our teams to follow our guiding principles of being passionate for customer success and exhibiting excellence in what we do:

  • Visual Boards
  • Team Huddles
  • Business Value Orientation and Value Stream mapping workshops
  • Innovation Corners and Innovation Garages
  • Silent Spaces and Super Hours
  • Tetrasoft unified agile framework
  • Digital PODs


Innovation Labs

Aligning with the belief of two mode IT, we have created Tetrasoft Innovation labs with the association of leading technology partners, top tier academic institutions in India and US.

Tetrasoft Innovation Labs focus on Customers’ digital innovation incubation and journeys:

  • Innovation chain: Ideate, innovate, design, develop and transfer ownership of the products
  • Help customers innovate and implement empathy centric designs
  • Helps define Roadmap and blue prints for intelligent, conversational applications
  • Consists of industry veterans with deep functional and technical knowledge in financials and insurance
  • Consists of solid programming experts
  • Tetrasoft build IP focusing on accelerators, frameworks in latest technologies.

    These help in accelerating innovation for our enterprise customers