Tetrasoft join hands with SAHI

Tetrasoft joins hands with SAHI to help children in Need
~ distributes free hearing aids~

Tetrasoft, announced today that it supported SAHI foundation and organized a medical camp in Chevella, Telangana for children with hearing impairment recently. The partnership is aimed to promote the prevention of hearing loss, identify and provide hearing solutions for children mainly in rural areas with the goal to build a deaf free society.

Tetrasoft’s CSR activities also include:

  • Actively involving and participating in supporting 50 children financially every year for their education through the Matrubhumi Charitable Trust in Warangal, Telangana.
  • Engaging with the NGO activities more enthusiastically with a strong goal to impact on society by supporting underprivileged children in rural areas to networking with major non-profit organisations.

On the camp day, Tetrasoft CSR crew engaged with a team of ENT surgeons, audiologists and nursing staff from SAHI and organized an all-day screening camp to identify children with hearing problems. A total of 167 children attended the camp.

RamaSeshu Eyunni, CEO, Tetrasoft, said, “It’s good to hear how our vision is reaching through diverse platforms and serving individuals through Tetrasoft window. We are proud to recognize, support and extend volunteer services to SAHI foundation in organizing a medical camp. I also thank, Apollo Hospitals, for their enormous support from conducting surgeries to connecting best professionals.”

“This initiative will bring wide awareness and addresses each and every problem associated with the hearing impaired” commented, Dr Rambabu Koka, Medical Director of SAHI foundation. With a warm smile, he further added “With the help of sponsorers like Tetrasoft, we were able to reach maximum audience to spread awareness for prevention through health education. I thank them for all the hard work they have done for us in the last 4 years. SAHI was able to succeed in its mission “Building a deaf free nation, one child at a time.”

“Sometimes, providing free hearing aids, therapies and conducting surgeries become challenging, especially when people don’t extend support socially and financially. Raising funds and manpower at a given time is a herculean task, I am happy that we were able to help SAHI reach its mission.” Said SriRaama Evani, COO, Tetrasoft.

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