Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Operating in a world of fierce competition, Banks are seeking ways to increase efficiency by cutting costs, improve their service delivery, fine-tune and automate internal and business critical processes, build and better manage customer relations.

Tetrasoft is at the forefront of driving and managing IT strategies in the financial services industry. We provide a range of consulting and IT services for the world's leading financial service firms including banks and insurance companies. We constantly enrich and share our vision about the role of technology towards shaping future business and technology strategies.

Tetrasoft has developed and implemented technically advanced Core banking solutions with its channel partners in various Public and Private Sector commercial and Co-operative Banks in India and other developing countries. We combine comprehensive and flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture. Our Core banking solutions help banks create new business opportunities, tap the existing ones more efficiently and address the new challenges on the horizon.

Our Professionals have strong expertise in traditional centralized systems to meet current demands and building decentralized system for future Banks.

At Tetrasoft we offer consulting services, core banking implementations/upgrades/migration, testing services and outsourcing to our customers across the globe. Our teams executed more than 50+ BFSI applications.

ATM Positilion, Base24, OpeN/2, IST -FIS, TEMENOS 24
Card Management VisionPLUS, CTL Prime, TSYS, HPS PowerCARD
Cash Management Intellect, Cash@Will
Core banking Flexcube, Finacle, TEMENOS T24, Veripark, Hogan Systems, ELSAG Banking System, Intellect, Phoenix, Misys, TCS BaNCS
Credit Application Moody's, S&P, Fitch
CRM Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce
Customer Acquisition FinnOne, Omniflow
Internet banking Finacle, Vyana, FLEXCUBE, TEMENOS T24
Islamic banking Flexube, Finacle, Temenos T24, iMAL, BML
IVR Nuance, Avaya, Genesis
Mobile banking Moitise, Kony IDE, ELSAG Banking System
Retail Loan Origination Capstone, Blaze, FinnOne, ELSAG's Credit, Trading & Finance (CTF)
Treasury / Investment banking Kondor+, TradeNet, Reuters 3000, Nurex, Fidessa, Kastle, Trasset, TEMENOS T24
Trade Finance EXIM Bills, TEMENOS T24
Wealth Management MoneyWare Integra, TEMENOS T24, Finacle, Oracle

Our expertise in decentralized Blockchain-based systems include KYC – Identity Management, Syndicated Loans, Trade Finance, Clearing & Settlement and Consumer Finance.


Features of Blockchain technology such as decentralization, immutability, and transparency make it appealing for business sectors and domains all across the world. Banking and Financial industry is leading the way in exploring the potential of blockchain. Blockchain holds the potential to transform the finance and banking sectors by reducing potential costs and labor savings. In banking and finance sector, hundreds and thousands of funds are being regularly transferred from one region of the world to another within each day. This makes the global financial system as one of the most popular sectors that could be benefited through the application of Blockchain. According to Global Fintech Report 2017, 77% of Fintech institutes expect to adopt blockchain as in their production systems or process by 2020.

In fact, we at Tetrasoft believe that most of the current core-banking systems and their satellite software systems will increasingly use Blockchain technology in managing the transactions. We have clearly seen the potential and are actively building a software platform TetraBank Pro which has the potential to disrupt banking industry


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